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Use our enterprise resource planning system for your business in Durango, CO

Are you looking to update your ledger system? Are you an investment manager who wants to branch out with your own firm? Owen, Tucker, Bechtolt, PC CPAS is here to serve you. We create and manage enterprise resource planning systems for starting business or growing ones in Durango, CO.

Make informed financial decisions. Speak to our expert about system integration.

What do our services include?

What do our services include?

If you want to develop an enterprise resource planning system for your business, we'll take on a variety of aspects of your plan. We'll:

  • Take care of your individual or commercial tax prep
  • Work with you on a monthly basis for advising and closing out your tax book
  • Assist with investment management and be a guiding resource for your money

We'll also take care of system integration and set you up with a plan and resources that better fit your growing business. We manage taxes for businesses with annual revenue of up to $10 million. Email us now for more information on our services.