Reduce Your Stress Around Tax Season

Leave preparation and filing to our tax advisor in Durango, CO

Taxes are complicated, but you don't have to suffer through preparation and filing by yourself. If you'd like assistance with your taxes, Owen, Tucker, Bechtolt, PC CPAS in Durango, CO has you covered. We work with individuals and businesses with all kinds of revenue and income ranges and can handle your tax preparation and filing. We'll meet with you on a monthly basis to provide financial advice and close out your tax book for the month.

Call 970-385-2518 today for tax preparation services.

Learn more about our financial services

Learn more about our financial services

Are you interested in hiring for tax planning? We:

  • Work with clients on a monthly basis to update their records
  • Charge a monthly fixed fee to our clients' accounts to simplify billing

  • Whether your business brings in $100,000 or $5 million, we'll help you organize your finances, prepare for tax season and file your taxes. Speak to us today for more information on our tax preparation services.